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I am an unrequited entertainer. Since about eighth grade I've been a singer. I probably would have loved to have starred on Broadway in stage musicals.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Slide Rock State Park

Right in the middle of this picture is one of the slides in the Oak Creek State Park where the rocks bottoms have been worn down by eons of water rushing down the canyon and it makes for quite a trilling ride down the slide of rushing water. This being at over 4,000 ft. altitude the mountain water temperature will give you a real teeth chattering reception. The Brins Fire did not reach the park, but did come up the the edge of the park. The firefighters did a great job in keeping it out of the park. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sunset on Monterey beach, Calif.

This is one of the most interesting sunsets that I've had the priviledge to observe. note the people sitting there watching this developing beautiful sunset. As the sun neared the horizon the people on the beach stopped frolicking and began to quietly sit down and watch the sun set. When the sun finally disappeared over the horizon, I felt that the the next thing we would see would be the scolling down from the sky, like movie credits, " This sunset is presented for your enjoyment through the love of GOD! However, eventhough there were no movie style credits. The monent after the sun did set, the people on the beach clapped their hands and stood up and quietly walked off the beach as if reverently repecting the most beautiful of sunsets. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 05, 2006

Desert Sunset

A sunset from my front yard. I've always been awed by the beauty of sunsets. When I was single and lived in Pacifica, Calif. I had an apartment that over looked the ocean and I would sit on the balcony and watch sunsets develop. Some times I would sit there with camera in hand waiting to see the development of the sunset for more than forty five minutes. I have an album of nothing but sunsets. I would even sit there at times when there were no clouds for the oportunity to see a rare green flash. What is a green flash, you might ask. It is the moment when the sun's last moment disappears over the ocean's horizon. It doesn't happen every time the sunsets over a cloudless horizon. You can blink and miss it. I've been fortunite eneough to have seen the green flash about a dozen times in my life. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I must have been pyschic!

Last fall when Ada and I took took a trip to Cape Cod, we experienced a very weird happening. We spotted an old cemetary while looking for a beach that an early relative had settled. After finding the beach, Ada wanted to stop at this old cemetary to see if we could locate the grave of one of her revolutionary war relatives. There were probably a thousand graves in this cemetary. I drove around the cemetary looking for a section of really old looking grave stones. I spotted some and said I would stop so we could check the dates on the graves to see if we were anywhere near the right era. I stopped the car and Ada got out to check. I'll bet you have already guessed what she found when she checked the graves right next to where I had stopped the car. You're absolutely right! As you can see from the picture, she found him right there. Just twelve feet from the car door. Am I pyschic or what? Posted by Picasa