senior cuz

I am an unrequited entertainer. Since about eighth grade I've been a singer. I probably would have loved to have starred on Broadway in stage musicals.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Jerome, Az.

Today, Ada and I took a wrong turn ( I didn't follow direction well! ) and ended up and I mean up-, in the old mining town of Jerome, Az. This town clings to the side of the mountain where they used to mine a century ago. Each street in the town is one story higher or lower than it's neighboring street. Note the white house, you're lookin at it's back side. At street level it appears to be a one story house. You'd swear that building a two story house down would bring worries of sliding off the mountain. You really need to see this amazing place. When the mine petered out the town nearly died and there are some old abandoned homes and businesses but the town has now become a tourist haven with loads of shops and restaurants that are in the hundred year old buildings. The hotel is haunted but booked solid. Looking down this street past the red brick building which actually houses the town's fire station, is a dirt road that leads to the old mine. Oh, by the way, the town is at about a mile high elevation. It sits 3,000' up the side of the mountain. If you don't like narrow, steeeeeeeeeeep highways, you'll probably never visit this remarkable treasure.